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Our safety mission at Ferguson Construction Company is to provide our employees with the resources, training, motivation, and leadership to achieve an accident free workplace. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and their safety is of utmost importance. Our employees have a voice in our company. Every employee has the responsibility and the right to report unsafe conditions and take corrective actions. Our ideas for improvement efforts with our safety program come from the input of our employees. Ferguson along with our employees strives to lead the industry on safety. We believe that all accidents are preventable and that safety is a measure of quality for the company as well as for our customers.


In June of 1944, Ray and Grace Ferguson founded Ferguson Construction Company. The company was opened in Artesia, New Mexico. Originally, the company was known as Ferguson Welding Service since that was the only service offered. Mr. Wade Shipley joined the company in 1946. In 1948, Mr. Ferguson decided to move the company to Eunice, New Mexico due to the increase in oil and gas production in the Lea County area. The Artesia office was closed one year later. In 1954, Ferguson Construction Company opened an additional office and yard in Lovington, New Mexico.

Mark Wieser joined the company in 1975. Mr. Ferguson retired right around this time and the Eunice office and yard closed shortly thereafter. In 1986, Ferguson Construction Company was sold to a holding company out of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Wieser purchased the company in 1992. Since 1992, Mr. Wieser has owned and operated Ferguson Construction Company.

Job experience and longtime employees run deep at Ferguson. Employees that have shared their lives with Ferguson for 50 years exude dedication and consistency. Family tradition with many generations working side by side all contribute to the company that Ferguson is today. The Wieser family operates Ferguson with pride and commitment. Their commitment is to their employees, their clients, the community, and the environment. Traditions, generations, excellence, and safety are all words that are frequently associated with Ferguson Construction Company.


Ferguson Construction Company considers our Operator Qualification Program a vital part of our continued success in the pipeline industry. Our responsibility is to ensure the quality and completeness of training to our employees.

In order to comply with the Operator Qualifications (parts 192 and 195), Ferguson Construction is utilizing National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and ISNetworld.

Employees of Ferguson Construction Company shall be Qualified through NCCER. NCCER utilizes a "Standardized Training Process." The training process includes "traditional craft or apprenticeship training through task, upgrade, and multi-skills training." This process will assist our training organization in developing training guidelines that are parallel with our needs as a pipeline company. Ferguson Construction will provide knowledge testing and performance evaluation through NCCER to ensure the qualification of our employees. This training will include information of pipeline routines, pipeline maintenance, and construction to benefit the individual being trained.

Ferguson Construction has also made use of ISNetworld, which is a database that provides record-keeping and training management tools. This database allows all companies to review our employees' qualifications through NCCER as well as In-house safety training and testing.


Equipment Operator Overview

It is the policy of Ferguson Construction to permit only trained, designated and authorized personnel to operate equipment. This policy is applicable to both daily operators and those who occasionally use the equipment, including Supervisors.

It is Ferguson's intent to comply with the regulations governing use of equipment. It is the intent of these procedures to establish uniform requirements designed to ensure that equipment safety training, operation and maintenance practices are communicated to and understood by the affected employees. These requirements are also designed to ensure that procedures are in place to safeguard the health and safety of all employees.

Ferguson Construction has the following types of equipment: Backhoe, Ditcher, Side boom, Forklift, Maintainer, Excavator, Dozer, Mini Padder and Boring Machine.

The training program at this company includes classroom instruction and operational instruction on each specific type of equipment to be utilized by the employee. In addition, a review of the previous training program will be conducted. The Human Resource Department will identify all new employees in the employee orientation program and make arrangements with the OCC to schedule the classroom instruction for equipment operator. Refresher training is also available as needed.

Training Requirements

Classroom instruction will consist of equipment operation, equipment maintenance, including lubrication charts, daily checklists and equipment safety. All operators must pass a written test that is equipment type specific. A field evaluation will be performed that may include videotaping of employee operating the equipment. Refresher courses will be conducted every three years for recertification of Operator Certification.

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